Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Please Pass the Dressing

I was passing the dressing to Ashley and we must have spilled a little on Liv. Oops

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Blessing

Olivia Mae Hanni, Blessing, July, 5th 2009

Hannis are Here

We were checking out the kayakers in Brennan's wave

I found a bonnet that fit Liv at the farmers market. Now she can see when it is bright...kind of.

The boys went for a ride on the carousel

They really loved dragon hollow.

I took them for a bike ride around the Clark Fork. We were throwing rocks off of the foot bridge. I let them fill my backpack with rocks on the river bank then I packed them up to the bridge for them. There were a couple guys jumping off of the bridge into the river; they asked us to take care of their puppy when they were floating downstream. The boys had fun with the dog, and we took her for a short ride.

Trip to Splash Montana

We had a lot of fun in the lazy river trying the dodge the water falls. Kannon, Bri, and Bro.

Beautiful day, fun water slides and water park, and great dippin dots. I was impressed with Missoula's community pool. For only $5.50 admission, there was quite a lot to do in the park.

Bull Trout, filmed sideways?

Blackfoot River Float

We left early Friday morning to float the Blackfoot. Jim drove the escape as chase car. We parked the escape at a landing on the main Blackfoot called "Russell Gates" below Ovando. We were loaded in the Dodge looking for a boat launch on the North Fork of the Blackfoot called "Harry Morgan", but we ended up driving around for quite some time. Jim even tried yelling out for Harry Morgan out the window as we drove around, but with no luck. After fighting our male instincts not to ask for directions, we gave in and finally launched the raft at around 8:30. The north fork was crystal clear and really not a big river. Because of this, I could see when a fish would come out after one of their lures. We had some followers on the north fork, but didn't catch one. Steve and Jim really haven't fished on a river with rapalas like this before, so there was a little bit of a learning curve. We were laughing at Steve. He managed to bird nest his spin cast reel a couple times once just a hundred yards from the boat launch. They really didn't hook the brush too much though which made it nice for me as oarsman. We hit the main river which was actually quite colored, but with the clear north fork and colored main the river color was perfect. I was excited as they were casting; we really didn't know what we could catch in the river. Shortly after the confluence, we came to a fast riffle behind a submerged tree. Jim cast right behind it and hooked a nice cutthrout. Chaos then ensued. The river was fast so I was trying to oar and help him land the fish. During the ordeal, my pole was laying across the boat with the rapala dangling. As I was turning the boat to keep his fish off of the oar, I watched my rapala catch a submerged root and my pole jump right out of the boat. By that time Jim had lifted the fish into the air, and it was dangling in front of my face. I had just purchased this pole the day before, and wasn't about to lose it. I rammed the boat into the side of the river yelling for Steve to grab the weeds. He flung himself out onto the bank grabbing what he could; we almost lost him actually. After all the laughing we got Jim's fish landed and my pole found. You can only keep rainbows under 12 inches and browns so we let the fish go. Steve also caught his first shortly after. In fact they both had fish landed before I had even caught one.

I actually caught my first bull trout shortly after, but I lost it as I was unhooking it before the picture. I think that this was my first bull trout; I may have caught one steelhead fishing on the Salmon river before, but I can't remember. Halfway through the float we found a good spot to stop for lunch. We grilled us some brats and ate a bunch of junk. Steve didn't finish his dog and was trying to catch a fish with his leftover hotdog, those Californians.

The float was around 15 miles; we ended up getting off of the river around 4:00. Steven ended up catching the one fish, Jim caught 2 or 3, and I caught 6. For being our first time floating the stretch, it was pretty good. I caught this Bull Trout in a good deep hole second cast into the hole. I estimated him 22 to 24 inches long, weighing 4 to 5 pounds. He fought for at least 5 minutes; Jim was filming the entire time. You can't keep the bulls in the Blackfoot river, but they are a kick in the pants to catch. When Jim started to film, he jumped out of the boat hooking himself with his rapala. The film is hilarious. The fish jumped out of my hands while we were taking the last picture. It definitely made my trip.

Welcome to Missoula Family

We had most of Ashley's family and some of my family come to visit us during the July 4th weekend and for baby Olivia's blessing. This was the first time that her family except her mom got to meet their new niece and grandbaby. The only one that wasn't here was Matt, who is still serving his mission in Denver, CO. Mark seemed especially excited. I must admit that I was impressed with all of Ashley's family; they were so sweet with Liv. Her sisters were really comfortable with her and held her a bunch.

On Thursday we showed her family around downtown Missoula. We stopped into the grizzly tackle fishing store near Caras. I was trying to figure out where Jim, Steven, and I were going to go fishing the next day. Jim wanted to do a little fishing while he visited, so I tried to set something up. The consensus was to try the upper Blackfoot river around Ovando. We ate lunch and Mckenzie River Pizza; it was da best. When we were leaving, we put Olivia back in her baby backpack. Jim was helping Kristin who was wearing the backpack, and he accidently pinched Liv's arm in the buckle. She was screaming, and it made Ashley cry. She is a good mom. I guess this was Liv's first boo boo. Jim felt really bad, so I made fun of him most of the day in good fun.

We also showed her family the Missoula Art Museum. There was a wierd rock exhibit on one of the floors; I guess it was art. Here is a picture of Steve meditating by the rock garden.

In the evening, Jim and Steve helped me pick up the rental raft. I found a place that would rent a fishing raft for a hundred bucks. We were hoping it would be worth it. We actually took out Barbara and Kristin on a short float on the lower Blackfoot that evening. Jim and I rode tubes next to the raft. The river was a bit cold, but not too bad. I was the lucky one riding "fat bottom girl". She is my tube that is horribly lop sided therefore quite tricky to ride. She tries to throw you off in the rapids, in fact she did throw me off once. Steve oared the boat while we were in the water.

Olivia was beat after playing some guitar hero with the fam.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Photos of Liv

My happy baby.

Skyping with daddy. She loves talking to grammy and grandpa.

" I'm a little tea pot short and stout..."

Liv found her thumb to suck on the other day. Super cute.

Liv was smiling and happy as I was talking to her. She started tooting so I couldn't stop laughing.

So cute on her blessing day.

Liv loves her fishy toys that hang and sing. How fun!

Cuddling with Mom.

Liv loves to suck on her hand. So yummy.

Going on a walk with daddy always puts her to sleep.

I Love My Baby

On tuesday Liv will officailly be 2 months old and I am in love. I love my baby girl and I will tell you why. First of all she is so cute! I love looking at her. She is funny. She is always making funny faces all the time. In a matter of seconds her face goes from an adorable pout to a questioning look, to the cutest, gummiest smile ever. I love it. I love her smile. I can't get enough of it. Unfortunatly we rarely get it on camera. In the mornings she smiles all the time. It is too cute. I love the way her little legs curl up. I am sad that is going away as she gets bigger. It is one of my favorite things about her cute little body. I love her chubby cheeks. They have just recently gotten chubbyier and I hope it doesn't stop. I love it when she is sleeping on my chest or cuddling with me. I can't get enough of our cuddle time. I love that her thighs are getting chubby. I love to squish them. I love that she loves me. She knows me and wants her Momma. I love it. Never before have I experienced someone loving you and needing you so much. It is a wonderful feeling. I love it when she stares at me. I know she loves me back. I love how tiny she is. Her tiny fingers, toes and everything in between. All I know is that I love this little baby girl. It is amazing how much love you can have for someone you just met. I can't wait to get to know her more as she grows and my love for her does too.