Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Tag, Random Facts About Me

So I guess I am supposed to share 7 weird/random things about me. So here we go.

1. I have addictions. Here they are. Chapstick, lotion, flip-flops in the summer, and comfy clothes. I addmitted it. If I don't have these things I kind of freak out. If my lips are chapped, I have dry hands, hot feet, or am simply uncomfortable I go crazy! So I am a little bit of a freak but who didn't know that.

2. Everything has to have a place. I like to be organized, not that I always am, but I like to be. For example on a desk everything needs to have a place and be in its place or it drives me crazy. Like pencils, paper, I want things organized. Also, if things aren't in a place and it has been sitting around for awhile, well I tend to throw it away or move it. This can bother Brodie quite a bit when he can't find things. Oh well.

3. I love my sleep. I need my sleep. I can be a bit moody without enough sleep. This will be interesting when our first baby comes. I am a bit scarred about this. Hope I can handle it.

4. I am always late. Sorry Brodie. I try to be on time but I really think I have no sense of time.

5. I love shopping. I can go shopping for hours and just look and never buy. For one because I am picky about how clothes fit so I have to spend a lot of time trying on clothes to find what I am looking for and because I just like to be out and looking around. Brodie hates this so I am usually by myself which I don't mind. Ahh, shopping.

6. I like to have a plan and be prepared for upcoming events. For example if I am mentally prepared for big events or something bad I tend to handle things better. If something is unexpected I tend to freak out at first. I like to have a life plan even though it changes. My plan includes when we will buy a house, what jobs we will be working, where we will live, etc. I like to be ready.

7. It takes me a long to make a decision. When we go out to dinner it can take me awhile to decide what I want to eat. I usually end up being forced to order because everyone else in the group has ordered. I think this is why I like to have a plan. Because if I need to make a decision fast I will be ready. Now I just need a plan for eating out.

Now for tagging... I tag Heidi, Brittani Hamilton, Sister Brittany, and anyone who wants to.