Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

What's Better? Pudding or Playing with your Toes

Why not both?

It's Pumpkin Month

We made some caramel apples, hot cocoa, and homemade doughnuts with the Roberts and Kim & Clark Jacobs. Afterwards when we were talking, we realized that we all had a little sugar buzz. I don't think I have had a caramel apple for years; they were really good. Eric and I were in charge of making the doughnuts, only burning maybe a third of them.

Oct 18th, Stake Conference

We had stake conference today. Olivia did fairly good. Ashley had to take her out to feed her once. We saw the Dahl family who are in the Drummond ward. Chris Dahl and his boys meet us out steelhead fishing and go to Alaska fishing for kings with us most years. I had to laugh because Ashley noticed Chris trying to get my attention across the aisle first, but she thought he was pointing to the gentleman in front of us. Ashley poked the guy in front of us and he looked at Chris and us with a questioning look. Ashley felt really embarrassed. She hasn't met the Dahls and couldn't have known. Of course, after the meeting, we slightly made fun of her, just slightly.

Liv was sure smiley and happy after the meetings when we got home. The picture with her and Mamma is so cute.

Cold Weather is Here... In October?

We got off of the plane from Las Vegas to record low October temperatures in Montana. Some places got down to single digits at night with some of the highs in the teens and twenties. Mountains and valleys got the first snow of the season. I guess the only normal thing about Rocky Mountain weather is that it will not be normal. We thought we should test out Olivia's winter attire since it got so cold.

We are having an unusual Fall. Because of the extreme cold that came early in the season, it seems like a lot of the trees haven't changed color like they did last year. Many of the leaves have just turned brown and are mostly still on the trees. I guess it's a brown Fall... oh bother. Oh well, Olivia seems to be loving her walk at the park anyways.

Compare the previous pics to these pictures of Greenough Park, Fall 2008

Olivia to Grandma Thomas

To Grandma Thomas,

I wanted to thank you for this wonderful dolphin hat. It looks so stylish on me, and for some reason it makes my Mommy and Daddy laugh when they see me. I think it really helps me play my piano better. I think it also slims my enormous head size. I often wear it when I am working at my exercise, baby office. It helps relax me when the days are stressful at the office. Thanks again.

Olivia Mae

What Happens in Vegas

Thursday, Oct 8th. We got a ride from Kim Jacobs to the Missoula airport. We packed everything we needed on our carry-ons because we were flying Allegiant Air. They charge for everything extra. We were a little worried because this was Olivia's first time on a plane. Ashley had Olivia in her favorite outfit to meet her family at the Las Vegas airport. Olivia did really good on the plane. She made a bunch of friends with the people sitting around us. One of them was a buff muscle man who she kept smiling at. However, somewhere over Utah Ashley was holding her while she was sitting on the seat tray table. Olivia got that look on her face... Before we could react, she had a major poo on the table, where people eat! I scrambled, while laughing, and got the baby wipes. I wiped the poo off of the table and stopped it from dripping from her. Ashley just held her away from her body all the way to the back bathroom. She said that everyone was laughing as she did her walk of shame. I think that most of them could relate. I think I laughed the whole time they were in the bathroom. So much for Grandma and Grandpa seeing Liv in her favorite outfit. Olivia also seemed interested in some of the posters at the Vegas airport, maybe it's because of the man-boobies.

We visited Red Rock state park for the rest of Thursday. We did a little hiking and driving around. That cougar in the background is actually Steven.

Friday, We woke up early to drive to St. George, UT. This means that Olivia has visited 6 states, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, all before she is 5 months old. We went to St. George to go to a family wedding. Ashley's cousin, Zach Nye was marrying his fiance Jennifer in the St. George temple. We left a little late, but Barbara's 90 mph driving got us there in time. We were hurrying in the temple, putting Olivia in the stroller for Steve to take care of. He is not used to taking care of babies at all, but he said he would take care of her while we were in the sealing. Our advice was to find a woman that could help if Olivia went crazy. We joked with him that he could use his niece to pick up on woman outside of the temple; babies are chick magnets.

Unfortunately, the sealing was late because of the previous sealing going late. I could tell that Ashley was worried about Liv and Steve. We were making bets who was probably crying outside, Steve or Olivia. The sealing room was attached to the celestial room, and it was a beautiful room. I must admit that I was thinking more of our wedding during the ceremony. It has been 5 wonderful and eventful years. When we got out of the temple back to the real world, we found Olivia and Steve. She was crying like no other. He was trying to console, but he didn't know how exactly.

We ate lunch at the "Brick Oven" pizza parlor, and Grandma and Grandpa spoiled Olivia at the toy store and the baby store for the rest of the day. Jim also bought an air handgun at the toy store. We all got shot, even Barbara before the trip was over. It hurt like a mother.

We started the day on Saturday somewhat lazy like. Jim, Steven, and I went to "Robertos" for some meaty breakfast burritos and to Duncan Doughnuts for some sweets. Steve was driving his parent's Yukon through the drive through at Duncan. After ordering a dozen, Jim Flipped down his wallet and asked for the police discount. The kid at the till, said, "OK" and he was entering the discount. Steve and I couldn't hold back the laughing, and we blew the discount. That Jim must be a shady character impersonating an officer just to get a 15% discount on doughnuts.

For lunch we had some southern bbq at "Lucilles". I had some excellent ribs. After stuffing our faces at Lucilles, we all went to the BYU/UNLV football game. BYU won.

This picture describes, perfectly how Olivia felt going to the BYU game with Grandpa. Grandpa Thomas got her a cute Cougars cheer leading outfit and pom-poms to play with.

Big Girl Foods

Well Olivia has been giving us signs that she is ready for solid food. She is fascinated by watching us eat lunch or supper together. We have been feeding her rice cereal or cream of wheat everyday for at least a week.

Cream of Wheat with Daddy

Saltines, yummy

rice cereal with a little piece of green bean on the forhead

Red Licorice washed down with a honey pretzel