Monday, April 6, 2009

My Crazy Fisherman

For those of you who don't know, Brodie is a fisherman. And when I say fisherman I don't mean enjoys the occasional trip down the river. I mean he is a downright, hard-core, definitely obsessed, fish loving fisherman. He loves fishing. This past month Brodie has gone fishing more times than I remember. We figure once the baby comes these trips will be cut down quite a bit so hopefully he can get some good fishing in now.

2 weekends ago I decided to go on a fishing trip with Brodie. I got off work early Friday and off to Sunbeam Idaho we went. Luckily Brodie's father, brother Derek and his wife Laressa all met us fishing so we had a great time. Brodie was super sweet and bought all sorts of treats for us (mainly to keep his prego wife happy) and packed up lots of bedding so I would sleep well.

Brodie fished most of the night and morning (I told you, hard-core) while I slept in the back of our Escape. Not the best sleep of my life being 7 months pregnant, but not bad. In the morning I got up and talked to my sis-in-law and ate by the heater for the rest of the day while the men fished. Brodie hooked one and let me reel it in. It was fun because these Steel-head fish are pretty big and strong (at least to me). Brodie caught 9 fish that trip (3am-1pm) and I enjoyed the outdoors with family (and tried not to freeze). Here are a few pics from the trip.

Yes they fish off a huge rock-cliff. Told you hard-core.

2 fish Brodie's dad, Reed kept

Derek and Laressa warming up by the heater

Brodie and Reed

Me pretending I caught a fish

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Daddy at 31 Weeks

Brodie is getting pretty excited for baby Olivia to come! Less than 2 months to go. He thought he would start practicing with Olivia's teddy bear. What a great dad he will be!