Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What ya gonna do when they come for you?

Last night I was up at 2am but not for the usual baby waking. Last night we enjoyed a little real life "Cops" episode.

Brodie and I were in a very deep sleep when I awoke to someone yelling expletives that sounded all to similar to Rahm Emanuel. As my sleepy, angry self got up to look out the window to see who was disturbing m blissful sleep I heard and saw 2 men yelling at each other with a girl telling them to shut up. I was going to yell out the window for them "to be quite so we could sleep" but they sounded like they could be the type to do something crazy. I couldn't decide if I should call the cops so I woke up Brodie to ask him (don't know how he was still sleeping with all the noise).
Luckily someone else had called the cops and they showed up soon after.

So this is how the Cops episode went down. Five cop cars showed up. The policemen tried to calm the man down. Wasn't working. Still lots of screaming and cursing. Police grab the man and push him against a car. "I didn't do anything." "Sir, you need to calm down or I will tase you." "But I didn't (bleeping) do anything." Bright light. Hand cuffs. More yelling. Lots of car doors slamming. Cars driving away.

An hour long show at 2am. Who'd of thunk?