Friday, January 29, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding Photography

Just made a new blog with my favorite wedding photographs. Check it out! If you know of any weddings comig up send them my way!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Year End Pictures

Update. We forgot to mention one more thing Olivia got for a Christmas... her first tooth. We can barely feel it, but it is for sure a tooth. Bring on the biting.

Our Little Card Player

We were playing Apples to Apples with my family over Christmas break, and Olivia was helping Mommy. We gave her the green card that Mom won and told her not to tell anyone what the card was. Let's see how good of a poker face our doodle has....

"OK, I got my own card, let's see what the card is."

"Oh dude, I got an ace. That's a full house with over $500 dollars in the pot."

"OK, play it cool. I can take these guys to the cleaners."

"Oh crap, Am I smiling? Oh no I can't help myself!"

Merry Christmas

Well Christmas is here again and that means it is Doodle's first Christmas. I got all of my jobs done up until the 24th and we set off for Idaho. We were fully loaded in the Escape with all of our gifts and luggage for our ten day vacation. We even had to pack things around Liv's car seat to fit everything in. She did pretty good on the drive down, though. We had a portable DVD player that we let her watch part of the time and also a butterscotch sucker. We got to my parents in time for Christmas eve dinner. We had an awesome meal with many more good meals while we were staying there. We had drawn names for families, so we opened those gifts that evening. We got a large clock for Derek and Laressa for their new house; they seemed to like it. I also installed a satellite receiver for them so they could get some more TV channels. Kyle drew our name and got us a camp stove under my parent's advice. We had to laugh though because my parents had gotten us a camp stove a couple years ago. Uh Oh, they might be losing some of their memory.

Ashley and I bought a bunch of our gifts online and just had them shipped to my parent's house to make sure we would get them in time. Mom had collected them and put them on our bed for us to get when we arrived. After opening presents, I went upstairs to make sure all of our gifts were there. I had ordered some new Carhartt overalls for my own Christmas present. That was really the only large gift I was getting. I opened the box with the overalls and found them in their plastic sleeve, with the right size sticker on the leg, but they were seriously used! I was so mad at Amazon and didn't know how anyone could justify them as new. I told Ashley to come upstairs and have a look; she couldn't believe it either. Word finally got out to the rest of my family that I had been ripped off by Amazon and was about to call them to chew them out on Christmas eve. As I was looking up the number, Dad and Kyle decided to fess up. They had got me good. I guess Kyle had an old pair of overalls he had used when he worked on the oil rigs. They took the plastic bag and the size sticker off the new pair and pulled the switch. They had a good laugh. I'm just glad they didn't let me call some poor customer service rep at Amazon on Christmas eve.

We awoke the next morning around seven to find that Santa had come!

Liv got a "Jenny Jump up" for one of her gifts. She loves to jump and swing around.

Ashley and I got new Griz hooded sweat shirts. We all have wonderful morning faces. Liv is sporting some of her new pajamas.
Looks like Olivia is one of the only ways we can get Dean to somewhat smile. She actually really liked him.
Liv enjoyed some Christmas candy with Grandpa and Uncle Dean.

She also got a new high chair booster seat; she enjoyed a Gerber biter biscuit in her new chair.

Baby Draker

Gingerbread FHE


The Pippos invited us to FHE before Christmas. I guess they have a tradition of making Christmas gingerbread houses with all of their friends every December. We actually met everyone at the institute building by UM campus. Olivia was in candy wonderland, however you can see in the picture that we gave her a pretzel to chew on instead of candy. She did get plenty of candy as well. Ashley and I made some sweet houses and afterwards, we took them over to the Roberts for Christmas. Doodle looked like she was smokin a stogey. Maybe for next FHE we will have a lesson on the word of wisdom.