Monday, January 26, 2009

22 Weeks

Here is my belly at 22 weeks with Liv in it. It's growing!

Update on my pregnancy. I thought I would go over the "fun parts" of being pregnant. So here we go...

First Trimester

  • Vomiting
  • Constant Nausea
  • Days I wasn't nauseous I was starving, and I mean starving!
  • Waking up to pee a lot
  • Exhaustion, always needing to sleep
  • Worrying about eating/doing the wrong thing and hurting my baby

Second Trimester

  • Leg Cramps (which I never had before and actually hurt pretty bad)
  • Waking up throughout the night (I don't know why)
  • Getting a little moody, sorry Brodie
  • Getting tired faster than usual
  • Worrying about everything
  • Sore bum, I know weird
  • Hands go numb often

So far those have been the hard parts of pregnancy but I have still loved it!

The Best Parts

  • Telling family and friends the great news!
  • Dreaming about your little baby
  • Guessing if it will be a boy or girl
  • Seeing the Ultrasound! My favorite thing ever! I wish I could watch her all the time!
  • Finding out if it is a boy or girl and telling everyone
  • Shopping for cute baby clothes
  • Baby Showers! So much fun!
  • Nesting- I love it. I have gotten things done that I have put off for years, literally!
  • Brodie being excited to be a Dad! I love it when he talks to my belly. He's so cute!
  • People worrying about me and my baby. It's nice to know others are concerned about us.
  • Eating more than usual.
  • Gaining weight and knowing it is ok.
  • Deciding on a baby name

I can't wait to see the exciting new adventure of the third trimester and labor! Hopefully everything goes smooth!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Boy or Girl? This Time We Know!

Well it is official. Brodie and I went to my Doctor's appointment again this morning and we were able to squeeze in another quick ultrasound. I decided to try a few things to make sure the baby would be awake and moving for the apt. So I ate a sugar filled breakfast and went for a quick run around our apt complex to get my blood pumping. When we got to the apt the baby was awake and legs were open. And the results were obvious.

We are having a baby GIRL!!!!

Brodie and I were so excited and I still am. What a great day! I originally wanted a girl but by now I would of been happy with either a boy or girl. I was glad because last night Brodie told me that he kind of wanted a girl. Mainly because most people we know have boys and he thought we needed another girl around. What a great guy! Also those of you who voted on boy or girl were mostly right. We had 5 votes for girl and 1 for boy. You guys are good. I have to admit my dreams were right too. I have had a few dreams and my baby was always a girl named Olivia. That is kind of cool. I just hope my dream where I lost my baby girl doesn't come true. Lets all cross our fingers on that one.

So after the ultrasound Brodie started calling/texting people the news. I had to go in for my appointment and Brodie left. I thought he headed off to a install in Butte but what a sweet treat it was when he showed up at my work and brought me a cute little outfit that says "Daddy's Little Girl." He went to Old Navy and bought our first outfit for our little girl! He is so great! He is going to be such a great father! Man do I love that guy!

One thing I almost forgot to mention was how cute it was when our baby girl was sucking her thumb during the ultrasound! The tech took a pic for us! How cute is that?

About the name. I am pretty sure we have it picked, unless we have a big change of heart. So here it is for those of you who don't know.

Olivia Mae Hanni

The plan is to call her Liv but as my dad put it we have an Olive in the oven. So funny. Mae is my Mothers middle name and her mothers middle name, and her mothers middle name. Carrying on the name. Also she is due May 27th so if she is born in May, like my mother, then that is neat too.

I am so excited to have a sweet baby girl!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ultrasound Results: and the results are...

This morning I went in for my first ultrasound appointment super excited to find out if we were having a boy or a girl. The results were that our baby has a heart, 2 hands, 2 feet, a face on a head and.... we don't know! The baby had it's legs crossed and was sitting on it's legs. There was no view at all of the important spot! So we don't know the gender. We waited and waited for the baby to move but no luck. I will go in early to my appt next week and we will try again. Unfortunately, Brodie probably won't be able to make my next appt though. Dang.

We'll I think I have already been taught a lesson by my baby. It isn't going to be on my schedule anymore. My time will soon revolve around our little one.

Besides no results on the gender of our baby the rest of the ultrasound was great. We were able to see the baby moving a little, see the heart beat, and see all the important parts. The tech said the head and other parts were the right size for my due date. It was crazy to think the little baby is in MY belly. Neat. One thing that was hard was trying not to laugh. Brodie kept cracking jokes and every time I would laugh the tech couldn't see. I think she was getting a little annoyed. She had to stop a couple times until I stopped laughing. Oh well, I enjoyed it.

I will try to post the ultrasound pics. It isn't working with the scans I made, but I will keep trying.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Well it is time so everyone make your guesses. Tommorrow we will be going into the doc's office for our first ultrasound. I am 20 weeks so it is time to find out. I am sooo excited! Make your guesses because tommorrow morning we will know what we are having!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Early Baby Shower

While in California we decided to have a baby shower. Since it was so early the main reason was just to have a reason to get all the friends and family together. I hadn't seen alot of my good high school friends for 3 years and so it was great to have a reunion! My cousins also came who I hadn't seen in a while. I had a blast! We made little food babies, hilarious, and played a few games. The food was delicious thanks to my sis Brit and I was so lucky to get so many great gifts. It finally made it seem real all of the baby stuff. There will really be my baby in these clothes, crazy! Thanks to everyone who came and put it together!

Belly Pics- 18 Weeks

18 weeks! Even though people tell me I am little I feel like I have a huge belly! Can't wait until the end. This should be interesting. Sorry the pics aren't the best. I close my eyes in every picture so this is the best I got!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas in Cali

Christmas 2008-
Well this year for Christmas we made it to California to see my family. We were a little nervous getting there and coming back due to all of the snow and flight cancellations, but me made it.

Christmas Eve was particularly fun. We decided this was the year we were going to start a new Thomas Family Christmas Eve tradition. So we played christmas song pictionary, bashed open a snowman pinata (which was filled with fun and weird candy from our child hood), made up Christmas skits, and read the nativity. When we start a tradition, I guess we really start a tradition.

New Years Eve wasn't as spectacular. We started off the fun by going to the Oakland Zoo where we saw alot of beautiful, exotic and funny animals, but ended the night playing wii and watching a movie. I unfortuantly passed out a few hours before midnight so missed all the festivites on the tv. Dang pregnancy makes you so tired.

The rest of the vacation we made a trip to the Exploritorium in San Fransisco, where we learned alot and had fun. Besides that my sisters threw me a baby shower, we vegged, went to my brother Stevens Court of Honor, watched movies, shopped and played alot of Wii. We had a blast spending time with my family and seeing friends from high school. Hope we can visit again soon.
Yes there is a tree in there. We had moved right before christmas so no time for the real thing. There is always next year.

San Fransisco at sunset. Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.

On the way home from the Exploritorium in San Fran we got stuck behind a Palestinian Protest. In this pic we are finally getting re-routed after being stuck behind the protest for awhile. They stopped traffic completely and held up signs saying "free palestine". It was exciting to see all the protesters and cops but definately slowed us down. It took us 2 hrs to get home and about 45 min to get there. Crazy California!

At the exploritorium: the robot followed you

Brodie and Christian at the exploritorium

One of the highlights of Christmas in Cali was the new Wii. My mom got it for Christmas so she could use the Wii Fit and we had a blast. There was so much laughing due to the fact that we all looked silly on the wii fit. Hula hoops and skii jump were the family fav. Good bonding time.

Fall Walks

Even though fall is long gone I wanted to post a few picks from this fall. One thing we love to do, especially in the fall, is take a walk by the river. In the fall all of the trees change colors and it is so beautiful. So we like to garb a mug of hot cocoa, hold hands and go for a stroll. Here are some of my favorite shots from our fall walks.

A fun thing to do as we walk is look for these beautiful rock creations someone has left by the river. No glue just good balancing skills.