Friday, May 29, 2009

Greenough Park With Grandma

We spent the day relaxing in the apartment and showing Grandma Thomas around Missoula. She informed us that it sounds weird to her to be called Grandma Thomas; I think she'll start liking the title though. I've seen her around the little munchkin. We also spent some time at Greenough park catching some sun and some fresh air. Ash and Liv are sporting our newest baby accessory given by G Thomas. We finished the walk with some Dairy Queen blizzards to replenish the energy with Barbara making us dinner with a movie. We also all had fun giving Liv a bath. She likes it in the water but screams when we take her out.

Liv is a real thug wearing her hand knitted baby hat on the side

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Olivia's First Bath

Tonight Brodie and I gave Olivia her first bath at home. I was a little nervous for a wet, little, wobbly girl but it went really smoothly for the first time. She didn't like being naked at first but once we got her in the warm water she was loving it. She calmed right down and enjoyed the warmth.

The best part was once she was in the warm water she ripped a big one. We thought it was just a big toot until we saw something float to the top! We laughed so hard and hurried and got some clean water.

Unfortunately at the end of the bath Olivia had to get out which she didn't like. She was cold and screaming. She got pretty upset but we calmed her down after warm jammies and a yummy feeding.

Monday, May 25, 2009

First Trip To The Park

These are some of the pictures of our trip to Caras Park in downtown Missoula. Ashley and I often go to the park for walks, bike rides, markets, and events. We had fun with Olivia. A little fresh air was good for both Momma and Baby.

Ashley was playing around with Liv and I caught Ash in the act of glamorizing her little girl. These two are so cute together, and they are totally best friends. The funny thing is that Olivia didn't mind wearing the glasses.

"Kisses Sandwich" When Ash was in late pregancy, I would often joke with her that something is coming between us because her belly was sticking out so far. Here we are trying to kiss in the park and look who gets inbetween.

Grandbaby number 4 for Reed and Melanie.

Liv has definitely been spoiled with Grandma's love this weekend, and she is kind of missing it when they had to leave back to Idaho. She can't wait to be spoiled by Grandma Thomas who is coming Wednesday!

Mom just can't resist kissing those cute little toes.

More Hospital Pics

Olivia's First Photo Shoot

Ok this first one is our favorite. She looks like a pixie, a pixie full of poop. We have learned that recently.