Friday, April 30, 2010

Hike to the M

Well, we did it. It was tough and straight up a mountain but we did it. We made it to the "M." The dreaded "M" hike was accomplished. Ok well maybe not that dreaded except for me and my fat, out of shape butt. But I am proud to say I did it. I don't think it was even a challenge for Brodie. The hardest part for him was probably waiting for me, and he had an extra 20 lb baby on his back. Oh well. I am proud that I made it to the top even though my ego was damaged a bit as the 20 year olds ran up the mountain past me while I caught my breath. To them I say "way to go" and to me I say "one step forward."

Baby Backpack

Olivia loves, loves, loves, her new baby backpack. Need any more proof than that smile?

FHE Fun at the Park

A couple weeks ago we had a few beautifully sunny and warm days of spring that we had to enjoy. So we called up a few friends and went to the park. Sunshine, friends, spiritual thought, and treats. Can Family Home Evening get any better?
Olivia trying to put her hat on by herself

Headed for the camera. Do you see the determination in her eyes.

Showing off her new skill. The point. She is getting pretty good.

Olivia loves to go down the slide. It is sooo cute! We can sit her on top and she will wiggle her little bum until she is off. She gets so excited. What a big, adventurous girl!

She spotted the cookies! Uh oh.


How can you deny your kids treats when they end up looking like this? Priceless.


I think my daughter is gorgeous. It's true. I know shocking that a mother would think her daughter is gorgeous, but I do. And I have a couple photos to prove it. Ok maybe not the best proof but I think she is cute in these pics.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Liv has completed her first swimming lessons with flying colors. My friend Kim asked if we wanted to do a 3 week course for babies to get use to the water. It sounded fun so we joined. The classes were only 30 min long since that is how long it takes babies to start to turn purple-ish and start shivering in 86 deg water. The lessons were short and simple but we learned a lot of good tips and Liv got more use to the water.

I loved the swim class mainly because Liv loved it. She was a blast! The first lesson she was so excited! Laughing, giddy, jumping up and down in my arms and it lasted the whole 30 min. She thought it was all so fun. The rest of the sessions she wasn't as thrilled but still really enjoyed her self. Liv maybe a swimmer when she gets older.

In the class we practiced kicking in the water (she was a natural), splashing, blowing bubbles (which never caught on, just drank the yucky water), jumping of the side of the pool into the water (probably her favorite), and played with toys in the water. We also sang songs, did the hokey pokey, and floated around the pool. Her least favorite was wearing the life jacket for a short time, getting water in her ears, and the dreaded head dunk! We only dunked her head 3 times during the whole class but she was not a fan. The first try she cried and was very surprised and a little panicky. The second time she didn't mind it and even laughed after all the praise. The last time she hated again. Can't blame her. I hate putting my head underwater too.
Overall the class was a lot of fun and I learned my little girl is somewhat of a fish.

Pig Tails

I can't believe it, Olivia has pigtails!!! I love them. Olivia in pigtails makes me sooo happy! Giddy, really. I had to make sure I put a million pics of them so you get the idea.

Meet Olivia's "Nasty Face"

Olivia has found a new expression. One she loves to make all the time now. I like to call it "the nasty face." She makes this face when she is frustrated, mad at you, or for no reason at all. Today at the grocery store she gave it to many a nice strangers. I think it is hilarious.
Without further adue, meet "the nasty face."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mohawk and TP. Nuf said.

Is it coincidence that the day I put Liv's hair into a mohawk she discovers how fun it is to unrole the toilet paper. I think not. Mohawks can make any baby bad to the bone.

Battleship Box

Only Dad's can take a empty box and turn it into a battleship, airplane, or starship distroyer. And Brodie is a good Dad. Olivia loves taking her box out for flight. She gets so excited she jumps up and down. Thank goodness for imaginative Daddy's.


skyping with grandma and grandpa thomas on easter.

we loved her in her easter dress but she preferred to be in a diaper