Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hike up the Rattlesnake

Today we went for a hike up the rattlesnake. It was beautiful and the trees are just starting to change colors. Olivia started off the hike with a bang. We got there pulled her out of her car seat and saw she had a blowout. Unfortunately I had forgotten an extra onesie and had nothing else for her to wear so we had to go all the way home to get her a new outfit. She had to make the ride home in her diaper. What a cutie. She did great the rest of the hike. I think she loves to be out and just looking around. She was great and only got a little fussy when she was hungry. I love my two cute hiking partners!

Jonas Brothers

Olivia loves her new crown for Burger King with the Jonas Brothers on it. Well maybe not, but she was pretty cute wearing the crown.

Baby Update

Olivia is now 4 months old and as cute as ever. Here are a few things that are going on in her busy baby life.
- Her eyes are starting to turn green like mommy and daddy.
-She is sleeping most the night with only a few feedings.
-She sleeps in her room most of the night.
-She naps best in her quiet, dark bedroom with a fan on for noise.
-She is really smiley and happy.
-She is a great baby.
-She can play by herself well for a little while.
-She can hold her head up really well and is getting better at tummy time.
-She has rolled over by herself a few times.
-She loves her exersaucer that the Jacob's gave us.
-She likes to get out of the house and look around where ever we go.
-She loves everyone. She doesn't seem to mind going to friends.
-She loves to talk. She is always making noises that sound like she is trying to talk. It is super cute. Brodie said last sunday she talked the entire sunday school. Hilarious.

Brodie and I love Olivia so much. Everyday we get so excited by how cute and fun she is. She brings so much joy into our lives. We are so glad be have been blessed with such a beautiful daughter.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What Sound Does a Cow Make?

Day Off With Daddy

I brought the girls with me on a walk this morning to Greenough park. It is starting to feel like Fall even though, I think it reached 72 degrees midday. Olivia just enjoyed her stroll around the park. She even got up close and personal with a black lab. He was a nice dog and was just curious. However, momma bear was ready to intervene if needed. She is definitely more ready for the attack as a momma, kind of like a she-grizzly. Olivia was trying her hardest to lose her new purple socks that matched her purple beanie, by kicking them off on the trail. Mom bought those for her the day we found out we were having a girl.

We had a little pizza for lunch after the hike at Greenough and running some errands. Olivia didn't quite know what to think of pizza. Later in the evening we had FHE with the Meisners and Jacobs. We went up Pattee Canyon to the day camp sites. We roasted hot dogs and mallows. It was Olivia's first experience with fire.

lumberjack Dad

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We Got a Roller!

I have been watching a little Sunday football while the girls were having their Sunday nap. Olivia is still dressed in her cute striped church dress, and she has been so talkative and full of energy today. I took her to Sunday school with me for the first time. Brother Moss handed me a paper to read in his lesson, and Olivia decided to read it. She was talking baby talk/cooing during most of the lesson. She didn't need her binkie, but I would give it to her so she wouldn't be so noisy. I think most of the others that were there thought she was being cute, and they didn't mind. She actually spent the last hour with Christine Knecht in the nursery. Christine really likes her, and Olivia does just fine with others.

After dinner Ashley was playing with Olivia on the front room floor, a little tummy time. Olivia rolled over from her belly to her back for the first time! I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but this is the first time she has done this. She has gone mobile. We will definitely have to be more careful where we put her so she doesn't have a fall. We had another first time today; Olivia watched Star Wars with Daddy for the first time today. I remember watching all three of the originals with my family when I was growing up. We would often watch them on Sunday. She especially liked the Ewoks - the little fury midgets.

Lazy Sunday

Look at Me, I'm a Cutie

Mamma Mia! Daddy stucka some spaghettia onah my faceah.
I aint no wankster, I'm a stinkin gangster!

Grammie Hanni bought this toy piano for Olivia. She is pretty good.

I like to watch Aladdin and Pinocchio, or Fox News with Daddy

" Harry Potta"

Bear Creek Hike

Saturday, Sept 12th. We went with the Jacobs to Bear Creek by Victor, MT. I have done a few installs by the trailhead, but didn't exactly know what the hike was like. We loaded up the babies with the baby backpacks. I was introducing Olivia to branches, leaves, and creek water. She did really well, and only got a little fussy on the way out. We got to a section where the creek was running over huge rocks like a slide. We dipped our feet in, but oh it was cooold. It was a beautiful hike and not too hard.

If you look close, you can see mr. caterpiller on Olivia's head. Daddy got yelled at by Mommy for introducing the two. What a cutie "bug".

Naked Baby

We were at grandmas and grandpas for so long that Olivia had to take baths in the kitchen sink. She sure loves being in the water. What a cute naked baby.

Hanni Grandbabies Everywhere

With the new additions to the family, we are now up to six grandkids for the Hannis, lots of fun. left to right: Blaklee (2 weeks), Kannon (4 yrs), Olivia (3 mon), Jaxon (6 yrs), Draker (2 mon), Jenntry (1.5 yrs)

They are both trying to pull off the rabbit's ears.
We caught Blaklee sucking her thumb.