Monday, September 22, 2008

My Favorites Tag

Got my first tag. Here we go.

3 Favorite Last Purchases

1. Jessica Simpson High Heels. Brown. Peep Toe. Love them.
2. Our bikes! We have so much fun riding everywhere this summer.
3. A blinging ring. Big and ridiculously fake but I love it.

3 Fears

1. Heights, but only on high rollercoasters.
2. Q tip being shoved in my ear. I know weird.
3. Spiders

3 Favorite Movies

Always changing but for now...
1. Nacho Libre
2. Batman Returns
3. 27 Dresses

3 Facts About Me

1. Graduated last December with a BFA in Photography
2. Love Mexico and love to travel.
3. I want to be a commercial photographer for magazines like Martha Stewart or Home Mags.

3 Things I haven't done yet

1. Been on a motorcycle or scooter
2. Rode in a hot air balloon
3. Had a baby

3 Things I cannot live without

1. Brodie
2. Makeup
3. Chapstick

3 Things on Today's list

1. Go to the grociery store
2. Hang out with friends, eat pizza, and watch a movie
3. Exercise

3 Favorite Dishes

1. Cheescake Factory- Chicken Madera
2. Pork Burrito at El Diablo or Fish Burrito
3. Lemon Chicken

3 Places I have lived

1. Rexburg, Idaho
2. Arlington, Texas
3. Turlock, Ca

3 Favorite TV Shows

1. Law and Order- SVU is my fav
2. The Office- of course. who doesn't love it?
3. Scrubs, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl, those are all tied on my fav list.

3 Last Places I Travled

1. Blackfoot/ Rexburg Idaho
2. All over Montana. Glacier, Flathead, Bozeman...
3. Zion, UT

3 Favorite Desserts

1. Hot Fudge Sundays
2. Chocolate Cake with Strawberries
3. Chocolate Milkshakes

3 Things I would buy if Money weren't an issue

1. A beautiful House
2. A bunch of puppies
3. A baby- well adopt. but you need money to do that.

3 Wishes

1. Be financially set so I can donate money and help others
2. Travel to other countries and do service
3. To get prego and have a baby

3 People I tag

1. Brittany Meyer
2. Briannia Ball
3. Sarah Roberts

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Glacier National Park and Canada

Still trying to catch up on posts of all of our summer fun. At the end of June Brodie's parents came up to Missoula for a weekend vaca with us. We had a blast. First we headed up to Canada, eh. Too bad nobody said that to me while I was there. Bummer. Anyway, we went up to the Cardston, Alberta Canada Temple for a session. It was beautiful and very unique. Next we headed to Waterton. Waterton is the Canada side of Glacier National Park. It was beautiful. A cute, little town right on the lake. We explored there for a day or two and my favorite part was the deer! There were deer everywhere throughout the town. They are so used to people you can get really close. I stood by this deer for about 15 min taking pics. She then decided she didn't like me anymore and kind of, nicely charged me. Pretty much said, "back off lady." And so I did. It freaked me out but it was hilarious. Brodie got a pic right when it happened. I love it. Next we went to Glacier National Park. We went on a 10 mile hike. It was very long, tiring, and there were warning signs for bears everywhere. Oh ya and there was snow we trudged through. Yes I said snow in June/July. I guess that is why they call it glacier. Anyway, by the end we were all real tired especially Melanie, Brodie's Mom. We were so proud of here for going the whole way on such a long hike. She did great even though she was in alot of pain afterwards. Then we headed home. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun with the parents. Glacier and Waterton are beautiful places and I would recommend them to everyone. Of course you have to visit us on the way up!

waterfall in glacier
Cardston, Alberta Temple

Baby Deer

Me and My deer friend's butt
My deer friend attack!

Glacier Hike
No Bears, but Bear Poo!

Boat ride in Waterton, Canada

Double Bike Fun!