Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pee on the Couch

Olivia is getting pretty good at communicating now that she is 2 1/2 years old.  Last week she was watching TV and she accidentally peed on the couch (ya, I know kind of gross).  After we told her we were sad she peed on the couch and how she needs to try to make it to the potty in time she said,

"Tom-morrow we go to tha store and buy a new one, k?" 

 I wish.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ella's 5 month Photo Hoot

It was a hoot taking a photo shoot of my cutie-cute-cute little baby girl Ella. Here's what we got.
Man I love her.

Potty Training

Oh, potty training.  Oh how I have dreaded thee.  Well it has actually gone great!  I was so hesitant to start.  I heard so many different tips and ways to potty train and I of course have no idea what I am doing so it was very intimidating.  So what worked for Olivia. 

1. Waited until she was really ready and wanting to go potty in the toilet (not when I was ready).
2. Kept telling her about all of her friends that use the big potty and don't wear diapers anymore.
3. Got books about potty training.
4. Explained how babies like Ella wear diapers but big girls wear underwear.
5. Figured out what really motivates her.  Candy.  Not much else.
6. Let her pick out her potty and underwear (she went with Minnie mouse).
7.  Lastly, we had to officially start.  Took a couple days of staying home all day (which is hard for me to do) and no going back.

The result she has done great!  Once we officially started she hasn't pooped in her pants.  She has had only a couple pee accidents while busy and out and about but I think it was mainly my fault for forgetting to ask her if she needed to go. Busy Christmas shopping has made it a little harder. Every time she goes pee in the potty she gets one candy and when she poops she gets 5.  She is hilarious she always yells in excitement, " I get fiiiivvvvve candieeeessss!"  She loves it.
Anyway, hopefully she keeps up the great work.  It has only been 2 weeks but it has gone so much better than I expected.  Way to go Olivia!

Oh, and she likes to waste lots of toilet paper. We need to work on that.

Princess Tea Party

Olivia had her first princess tea party birthday party this week.  Her friend Kealie turned 3 and Olivia was so excited to go.  All the little girls dressed up in pink princess dresses.  They made crowns and ate cute heart grilled cheese sandwiches.  It was so adorable!  I loved watching my little girl being a sweet little princess.