Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just a Teaser

So I know a few of you have been dying for updated pictures of our little one so here is a little teaser until I get more time to add a few more.  Hope it makes your smile!

Super Busy

So let me explain why it is St. Patricks day and we haven't posted since Halloween, well, we have be busy, and I mean busy.

Brodie's work has gone into overdrive.  Thanks to Obama and our government Hughes Net has received some money from the Recovery Act.  Thus making signing up for Hughes Net all too irresistible for so many people out there.  People need to qualify for the program but many have and so Brodie has been super busy with work.  We are truly grateful for the work he has had but I know Brodie is tired.  He has been working 6 days a week installing 3 jobs almost everyday.  And this started in November.  That is 4 months straight of working his butt off and being gone often.  It also means I have to pick up the slack of him being gone.  I have started scheduling all of his jobs, printing paperwork, faxing paperwork, updating jobs, and everything other thing he has no time for.  Needless to say it would be nice to have a vacation.  Unfortunately that won't happen for awhile so onward we go.  We are going to work hard until it slows down or Brodie has a mental breakdown (we can only hope for the first.)

On top of our crazy busyness we had the holidays where Olivia and I went to Cali to see the family for 3 weeks (which was super fun.)  After we got back we found a new place to live and decided to move into a bigger place, a house (which we love).  Now that I think about it that was kind of crazy.  Luckily we had a month to slowly move everything and we has some help from friends.  I had to pack and move everything small over by myself.  Olivia and I would take our daily moving trip.  Then at the end of the month some friends came and helped us move the big stuff.  After I had to unpack everything by myself while Brodie kept on working.  It was crazy but we love our new house.  We have a garage, 3 bedrooms (one for the new baby), its in a better neighborhood and we have alot more space.

One more thing to add to the fun is that I am pregnant.  Stress and moving don't usually bode well with pregnant women but I think I have done pretty well.  Especially after the vomiting had stopped.

Recently things have calmed down a little bit but Brodie is still working hard.  I really appreciate how hard he works.

Besides that Olivia has been taken along for the ride.  She has been great and is getting big.  I will try to update you on her next.

Life is crazy but good.