Friday, August 22, 2008

All of Our Summer Fun!

One of our first trips of the summer was to the Lewis and Clark Caverns. They are located a few hours east of Missoula but are worth the trip. They take you on a two hour tour of the caverns and it is awesome. I was expecting a small cave to crawl around in, but when we got there I was so surprised they are very large caverns. There are lots of stalactites and stalagmites that form very interesting shapes like Santa clause, people, food, and animals. It was educational and super fun! Inside the Lewis and Clark Caverns on our tour.
The Cavern was beautiful and crazy looking at the same time!

Brodie inside the Lewis and Clark Caverns. It was surprisingly awesome!

We needed to update some loved ones lost this Spring. We live in a small apartment and don't have a lot of room so our babies had to go... Brodie bought the Festiva while working in Spokane during the Summer of 2003. It has been such a good car and really funny for that matter. Last year, when we were back in Idaho, the "Fechivie" became the puppy car. Lola would ride in the passenger seat with me around town. We sold it to a young kid who still uses the car to deliver pizzas around Missoula. We always honk and wave when we see our old friend. We purchased the camper to travel to Phoenix to one of our real estate investing schools last year. It was an adventure, and it helped us decide to fly down there for the remaining classes.

We met Bianca and Nate in Spokane earlier this Spring. It warmed up slightly and ended up being a nice weather weekend. We rented bikes and rode around the Spokane Falls park. We also fed the ducks and geese on the river. The Barkers moved to Tri Cities, WA, and it was good to see them. We enjoyed a nice meal at Olive Garden; we miss having an Olive Garden since we moved to Montana.

Orofino Fishing Trip

Running laps on the bridge

Browsing the web and watching some tube.

I picked up a couple installs over by Orofino and convinced Ashley to come with me steelhead fishing this spring. We got a hotel so Ashley was happy. I fished in the morning and caught two nice B-runs. We went to dent bridge over Dworshak reservoir and did some sight-seeing for the rest of the day. I couldn't quite get her to wake up early to come down to the fishing hole with me in the morning. She doesn't have the steelhead fever; she has pillowitis.

Salmon River Steelheading

Late in the Waterfall steelheading season, Ashley came with me fishing another day. I bribed her with doughnuts and chocolate milk. We just slept in the back of the Escape at the Waterfall hole. I woke up in the morning and caught 9 steelies all by my lonesome. Most of the other fisherman had moved up river by that time. Later in the morning, I was actually joined by Jory Drake who came down with a friend of his. I had not seen Jory for a long time. He guides fly fishing trips during the Summers, but doesn't do a lot of steelhead fishing.

When Ashley woke up, we drove down to Rock hole, built a fire, and did some relaxed steelhead fishing. I made sure to bring a lot of treats to keep Ash happy. We had an enjoyable semi-warm spring day. We saw a bunch of wildlife on our way out. Ashley took a bunch of pictures

If you look closely, there is a lone goat resting up on the cliff. We haven't seen many goats in the past few years, so it is nice to see one.

Rocky Mountain sheep are notorious for taking up the road. They aren't too scared of us or our car.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well I finally decided it was time for Brodie and I to start our own family blog. Here we go!