Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!!
This year was Liv's first Halloween and we had a blast. To celebrate we hung out with our friends at a Halloween party. The Piippo's had an early dinner of stew, spidery bread sticks, spooky smoking punch (we used dry ice), mummy dogs, scary doughnut eyeballs, and our orange chocolate cupcakes.
The Piippo's, Jacobs, and Jarnagins were all there. After dinner we headed out for trick-or-treating. We went early so we would be done before dark. Safer and warmer for the little ones. Brodie and I took Olivia up to a few doors and got a little bit of candy.
She was pretty cute in here pumpkin costume. After trick-or-treating we stopped by the Roberts to say hi and hang out for a little while since there twins are too little to go partying. By 9:30 Liv was exhausted and fussy so we ran home to put our tired little punkin to sleep.
Olivia did so great trick-or-treating. She enjoyed looking around and hanging out with all the little kids. She was so tired that during the trick-or-treating she fell asleep for awhile in her comfy and warm pumpkin costume.
Brodie was great too dressing up for Halloween and letting me put makeup on his face. We had a blast as a witch, scarecrow and little pumpkin. Happy Halloween!