Sunday, April 15, 2012


Today was an eventful fast and testimony meeting.

A little girl named Katie McFarland around 8 years old got up and bore her testimony. It is a common thing to see her bare her testimony on the first Sunday. Today during her testimony she said, "and I know that we will all go up to heaven and have a good time together." Olivia heard that and looked at me surprised and said, "Mom lets go up there right now. Common Mom, let's go!" It was super cute and funny. I just said, "No, not yet."

After Katie and a few other kids bore their testimonies Olivia (who is still not yet 3 mind you) decided she wanted to bare her testimony. She came up to me and said come on Mom lets go up there. Since the church wants kids to be able to do it themselves I told she could go bare her testimony if she wanted to. I said go ahead thinking she would get scared and not make it to the pulpit. It took her awhile to get the courage to get past the young man sitting at the end of the row but after that she shyly but determined headed up to the front and slowly up the steps. I was so proud that my little girl wanted to bare her testimony. Luckily, Dad saved her, picked her up and bore his testimony while holding her. She was happy but after he was done they came back down and she started to ball. She didn't get a chance to talk and bare her testimony so she was sooo upset. What a cute little girl. I am so proud of her and her brave little self.

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Derek and Laressa Hanni said...

So cute.. She is braver than I am.. The last time I bared my testemony was when Draker was getting blessed and the time before that I don't even know, I have only done it like 3 times maybe.. So yeah for olivia so cute..